What Byelex has to offer

The most intelligent and robust software solutions for complex business processes

Fully customized, based on the modern Cloud techniques, always suitable on mobile devices and 100% safe for cyber attacks and improper use.

Solutions for employers to work smarter and safer

Where they can use their own mobile devices and securely share information without changing the existing rigorous working methods. The enterprise file & share solution

Systems for supporting the continuous learning organization

Wherein the smart way industry specific news in time and the right person will be delivered as an electronic magazine on his or her mobile device. Publizz Magazines

Semantic solutions that help organizations make strategic decisions. Content Curation and Decision Support

Solutions for brick & Mortar organizations

To quickly make the transition to online integration through the smart use of Wi-Fi technology. Location Based WiFi services
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Our Achievements to date

Different Portals built
Amazing Employees
Clients Worldwide
Websites Built

Hyperintelligent software from A-Z

  • Systems developed with +1000 users

  • Systems used in a multi-lingual environment

  • Systems generating a direct revenue stream


Quality costs money, bad quality costs the world.


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