Project Description

“The InControl application enables storage providers to offer ‘Storage as a Service’, based on the NetApp FAS technology and strictly managed by SLA’s.”

The challenge

Data management is becoming increasingly important as well as complex. NetApp is one of the key-players in this industry, focusing on data storage, replication and backups. Most users of NetApp are corporations and institutions who generate large quantities of data with the need to keep it on file for a longer period of time. The technology to do so is offered by Databasement within a SaaS model, offering their clients the simple option of paying a monthly fee for every Gigabyte saved, instead of having to build up an entire own infrastructure and technological knowledge-base.

The challenge in successfully delivering such a service lies mainly in the creation of solid and transparent SLA’s (Service Level Agreements). This defines how often replications are to be performed, how much data loss is tolerable in case of a calamity and how fast the service provider should react to calls, change requests and arising problems.

One industry observation made by Databasement is that in order to manage these large quantities of data for a large spectrum of clients across multiple locations, was to develop an administrative environment that allow for comprehensive overview. Data from NetApp should be directly extracted and converted into overview and reports, also connecting to all ITIL processes such as Problem, Issue and Change Management. This administration portal should have its data directly imported from the NetApp filers using an Internet Portal and directly link and react according to the applicable SLA agreements with each individual client.


What we did

  • Interface Design

  • Custom Development

  • Graphics & Marketing