Project Description

At Scottish Water, EQS has already been part of the daily routine for years. Not so much for the Document Management capabilities this system has to offer, but primarily for the near-perfect and robust calibration monitoring section of PI.

EQS (Electronic Quality System) consists out of the components DM (Document Management) and PI (Process Improvement). PI offers a calibration module which allow for registration of e.g. pumps, weighing scales and motors. At Scottish Water a large degree of height difference in the land requires incredible amounts of pump installations that are all checked from the EQS PI module. Based on operation hours or time interval, a safeguard is provided to correct maintenance and calibration, which assures that Scottish Water can always deliver excellent service. The requirement of maintenance is self-evident, something less known however is that the calibration is just as important. It guarantees that the measurements within their drinking water network are always accurate. Something that comes of great use to the operators and engineers who now know exactly what to do when.

Without the availability of EQS these tasks would be much more complicated, that’s why Scottish Water is so fond of EQS, they love its simplicity and reliability.

EQS helps Scottish Water guarantee that the people of Scotland won’t have to do a day without fresh and clean drinking water.


What we did

  • Interface Design

  • Custom Development

  • Graphics & Marketing