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The innovative platform for creating secure file synchronisation and sharing solutions from existing IT infrastructures is now in the hands of it’s makers, Byelex Data Solutions BV

The Minsk Silicon Valley Company

Byelex Data Solutions, part of the Minsk Silicon Valley Company Byelex Multimedia Products BV, has acquired the shares of and by that secured the future of Storgrid. The company now is called StorgridEFS to emphasize the secure filing solutions on existing IT infrastructures. The combination of the unique encryption technology from Byelex Data Solutions and the sync filesharing possibilities makes StorgridEFS unique amongst it’s competitors. New investments became available for  further development of StorgridEFS thus securing the lead that StorgridEFS has to the competition.
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Byecoin launches first Bitcoin ATM on a historical location in Brabant

Byecoin will launch the very first Bitcoin ATM in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. This ATM will be officially commissioned on October 10th 2014 at 15:00 hours and will be located in the old Jesuit Monastery in Oudenbosch called Tivoli. Choosing this location for this innovative 21st century technology continues a tradition, as this monastery was home to scientific research as early as in the 19th century while the first public observatory in the Netherlands was opened here in 1964.
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Byecoin launches first Bitcoin payment terminal at a historical site

Byecoin launches the first Dutch payment terminal for Bitcoins and Litecoins. This terminal will be operational from April 18th 2014 in the old Jesuit monastery of Oudenbosch; a historic location that has often been the center of innovation. In this monastery a lot of scientific research was conducted in the 19th century and in 1964 the first people’s star observatory in the Netherlands was founded. In this light it seems the perfect place to introduce 21st century technology. Read more


The vision of Byelex on Sentiment Analyse

In het gerenomeerde magazine “Marketing Rendement” is in juni 2011 een artikel verschenen van de hand van Herman Vissia, de CEO van Byelex en Internet Unlimited, rondom het topic Sentiment Analyse. Mede door het onderzoek wat Byelex heeft uitgevoerd op het gebied van geautomatiseerde Sentiment Analyse, wat weer heeft geresulteerd in producten als OpenDover en BuzzTalk. Met name op het gebied van “Mood State Detection” via POMS loopt Byelex momenteel voorop in de wereld.

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