About Byelex

About the Company

Byelex is originated from the driving force that software and systems helping companies operate smarter and more intelligent, by building robust software tools which:

  • Is programmed with as many as possible applications of artificial intelligence
  • Always a base that has a scientific basis
  • Suitable to use for data intelligence projects and Big Data Analysis
  • Built by scientifically trained programmers who belongs to the world top programmers
  • Standard is suitable for cloud application, is Mobile ready, and inherently safe
  • Built with the idea that not only processes must be facilitated, but also decisions about which processes need to be supported with Smart Dashboard and intelligent reporting.

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Designed by Science

Byelex works from a strong belief that scientific insights and thoughtful design is the strength of long-term solutions. From this strength , Byelex works with clients over 20 years. Join the list of hundreds of happy clients!


Herman Vissia

Founder & CEO Byelex

Entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Herman Vissia (1965) comes from a family of engineers. His great-grandfather built all steam engines and gloeikopmotoren for sugar in West Brabant. Vissia's life is a fascinating journey through adversity (severe car accident), comebacks (new business creation) and quiet triumphs (successful software applications). And is governed by the idea that art is indeed important and endlessly fascinating to tinker with, but ultimately supposed to be serving. A technical solution is its view only as valuable as our quality of life improves.

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Byelex has 2 offices in the Nederlands, with in total 25 specialists, and 1 office in Minsk, Wit Russia with in total 23 developers en scientists.

Dynamic Software Corporation

Byelex is a rapidly growing and dynamic software corporation with offices in Oud Gastel (The Netherlands) and Minsk (Belarus). Throughout the last decade, Byelex has developed itself into a household name internet and software development company that serves many multinationals. In these years we were entrusted with many high-end and highly visible projects, both for domestic as international clients. Based on this experience and our vast technical and commercial knowledge, we know how to create autonomous growth that secures a long-term continuity of your enterprise or corporation.

The Focus of Byelex

The focus of Byelex is directed to the development and hosting of advanced corporate solutions, based on modern technologies such as J2EE and Drupal. This offers our clients the liberty of focusing on their company processes, while we hand the tools and insights to further streamline and improve these processes.

We are truly ahead of the curve for solutions

Amongst several technologies, we are truly ahead of the curve for solutions on the J2EE platform. Here, we combine our knowledge and understanding of complex company processes with high-end graphic design and up-to-date technical expertise. At Byelex we are an IBM and Oracle Business Partner and are well experienced in almost all database environments, including Oracle, MySQL and Postgresql. We also offer a vast experience in a significant number of programming languages such as J2EE, Drupal, Lotus Domino, PHP, Perl, C++ and Assembler.

We have also developed a large spectrum of custom solutions

In addition to custom solutions, Byelex also develops a large spectrum of ‘of the shelf’ products for e-marketing, lead generation, artificial intelligence, Social Media Monitoring, event management, insurance management and Quality Management. Based on our years of experience in the field of process management and workflow engineering, we are a highly reliable partner to discuss and solve apparently complex management and workflow challenges.

We are working with

The Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of the Belarusian State University!

The base of our expertise

The close collaboration with the faculty of applied mathematics and computer science from the State University of Minsk, is the base of the experience of Byelex. All programmers and analysts Byelex are at least cum laude graduate of the faculty and together we have published dozens of scientific articles in the fields of artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and cybersecurity.



Byelex Sales BV presents itself under the name BuzzTalk. BuzzTalk structures the web so you can analyze. BuzzTalk indexes and structures publications, not only social media messages but also news sites, blogs, scientific journals and even offline publications.

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Byelex Solutions BV presents itself under the name PicoPoint. PicoPoint is a supplier in the field of commercial wireless Internet networks.



If event communication is an important component in achieving your organizational goals, we are able to support you.


Byelex Data Solutions BV presents itself under the name Storgrid. Storgrid is a software platform for creating secure file sync and sharing solutions from existing it infrastructure.



Online meeting place for employees and employers throughout Europe.

Faceranked BV

Rank or be Ranked. Byelex has helped to develop the entire concept, from its early conception up to scientific research, development and hosting.